The mystery of the INFJ

Who is the INFJ?

That seems to be the question. INFJs are unique individuals, and in my humble opinion, they are pretty amazing! They are extremely insightful, and can read the motivations behind people well. They can predict how future events will play out. My boyfriend is an INFJ and I am amazed at his incredible ability to know why people do what they do, and his practicality in life. Also, INFJs tend to be reserved with who they let truly know them. This combined with their complexity is what makes them so mysterious to outsiders.


I have always loved Mark Ruffalo’s dedication to social issues. Not only does he play the Hulk, but he plays so many meaningful roles. If you check out his twitter, you can tell he uses his social media as a platform to create change.


INFJs can seem like extroverts, due to their extroverted feeling function. However, they enjoy alone time and need it to recharge. [disclaimer: this video discusses some sensitive topics]

The quote I have at the beginning of my post by Albus Dumbledore is the type of insightful idea an INFJ would express. Dumbledore is an INFJ, and throughout the movies we see his sense of fun, his witty nature, and his insightful observations of the human experience. This clip is filled with INFJness.

Here is another great example of an INFJ, Cate Blanchett! She analyzes the social implications of her movie, Carol, and you can see her ability to understand other people’s perspectives. Spoiler alert!