The mystery of the INFJ

Who is the INFJ?

That seems to be the question. INFJs are unique individuals, and in my humble opinion, they are pretty amazing! They are extremely insightful, and can read the motivations behind people well. They can predict how future events will play out. My boyfriend is an INFJ and I am amazed at his incredible ability to know why people do what they do, and his practicality in life. Also, INFJs tend to be reserved with who they let truly know them. This combined with their complexity is what makes them so mysterious to outsiders.


I have always loved Mark Ruffalo’s dedication to social issues. Not only does he play the Hulk, but he plays so many meaningful roles. If you check out his twitter, you can tell he uses his social media as a platform to create change.


INFJs can seem like extroverts, due to their extroverted feeling function. However, they enjoy alone time and need it to recharge. [disclaimer: this video discusses some sensitive topics]

The quote I have at the beginning of my post by Albus Dumbledore is the type of insightful idea an INFJ would express. Dumbledore is an INFJ, and throughout the movies we see his sense of fun, his witty nature, and his insightful observations of the human experience. This clip is filled with INFJness.

Here is another great example of an INFJ, Cate Blanchett! She analyzes the social implications of her movie, Carol, and you can see her ability to understand other people’s perspectives. Spoiler alert!

What does an ENFP act like?

Do they have certain body language cues? Who are some famous ENFPS? Where can I research more?

Obviously, we will all look different, but here are some examples of ENFPs. We tend to have similar body language and ways of speaking. And since we are NFs, there do tend to be similar values.


First of all, go check out the YouTube channel NFGeeks! Mike, the owner, is an ENFP and interviews all sorts of personality types! This video has some pretty good stuff on ENFPs by ENFPs!


Ellen DeGeneres is good at talking to just about anybody, and making people feel comfortable with themselves. She compares her life experience with theirs to understand them better. [Adele has been theorized to be anywhere from an ENTJ to an ISFP, what do you guys think?]


ENFPs are good at references, improv, and pumping up a crowd (if we are passionate).  We create energy. We tend to think quickly and enjoy keeping life fast paced. We tend to like anything witty. Daniel Radcliffe, an ENFP, emulates that.



Lastly, Carly Rae Jepsen is a pretty spot on ENFP. She uses sarcasm, keeps the conversation entertaining, and connects with people.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you guys later!


If you want to connect with more ENFPs, I recommend checking out the ENFP forum on Reddit 🙂

Introducing Myself!

Hey all of you lovely people of the internet! Welcome to my new blog!

I decided to start this blog today because I am a huge Myers Briggs fan, and have been studying the personality test for about two years now. I got very much into it my senior year of college when I was finishing up my Psychology degree, and I’m just as obsessed today!


I feel like there is a lot of amazing content about the myers briggs on the inter webs , but there is so much more to be created! I have done google searches and have come up with nill for certain subjects.

So I thought, why not make posts about the stuff I’m passionate about, and hopefully start conversations to hear opinions from other Myers Briggs geeks, as well as those who have just started taking an interest in it?!


Happy to meet you! Also, if you guys are wondering (though it may be apparent by the run on sentences), I am an ENFP 🙂

What will you find on my site?
~analysis of characters from movies, books, etc
~analysis of celebrities
~”what would this type do..”  … AND MUCH MORE!

I realize the Myers Briggs can be a generalization, so as a disclaimer I would like to say these are fun guidelines and sometimes assumptions. Although I have studied the myers briggs quite a bit, every thing about your type may not be applicable. The myers briggs seems to be best at guessing how you think. All of our personalities are very complicated, but the myers briggs can be a great tool for communication, and has helped me learn a ton of stuff about myself personally!